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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life in Korea: Long Distance Love

Living in Korea, one can't help but notice couples, hand in hand, matching outfits dubbed "couple shirts" and not to mention, young women daintily dressed in the latest fashions out on a date with the boyfriend.  I admit it, it's cute!  My older students here often inquire as to my relationship status, "teacher, you married?" or "teacher you have boyfriend?".  My response leaves them puzzled, if not sad, "oh no, teacher you need boyfriend".  I smile, and I carry on with the day's lesson.  

I often wonder if I could sustain a relationship long-distance.  I know a few people that are presently in long-distance relationships and the only benefit I can think of is, taking time to get yourself right.  Do they intend to take their relationship to the next level.  Is it bound to end because of the distance?  I guess the better question is, what does it take to maintain a healthy and fruitful relationship long distance?
It has been proven that being part of the human race, we all seek intimate relationships and even a soul mate; acceptance, love, friendship all wrapped up in one individual. Intimate relationships in itself, require a delicate balance.  Not to mention, timing.
Still considered a young woman, I welcome the idea of a marriage and children, respectively.  Having acknowledged that I am capable of being a loving wife and mother, I panicked.  It became clear to me that the life I imagine, the good life was actually possible.  That I could be perfectly happy with a decent paying a job, a loving, supportive husband and healthy well-kept children and live a simple but happy life and it scared me!!  How far out of my comfort zone was I willing to step?  Was I willing to take risks to attain this life?  Could I somehow mess it all up?  Fear.  Fear has a way of crippling us before we even start out...

Nevertheless, faith leads me to believe that my hopes and dreams are possible. Time leads me to believe that every step in the right direction is progress.  Life leads me to believe that we need not worry about tomorrow, that we need not worry at all.   Wisdom leads me to understand that nothing happens before it's time.  

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