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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life in Korea: First Week in E-Dong

the view
So I survived my first week in E-Dong.  I've met most of my students already and I'm excited about this term.  My classroom is taking shape although I will be making a adding a few more things to make my classroom a great environment for learning.  I have truly come to appreciate a good living/working space as it make a difference for me.

I spent part of my weekend decorating my "new" apartment and I must say, it's coming along nicely.  
I feel fortunate to have discovered a few places in E-Dong my first week here.  I've discovered the sauna and while I did not fully indulge in the bath house (yes it's a public bath house), I did feel incredibly rejuvenated after I hit the sauna.  Oh my, it was so beautifully done; stones decorated the room and it was just so incredibly calming.  I prayed.  I meditated.  I even did a few yoga poses and I almost fell asleep.  After three 20 minutes sessions, I felt brand new.

There is a park around the corner from me equipped with exercise equipment.  I went jogging one morning and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I am a 7 minute walk from my place of employment. I am also surrounded by teachers and potential friends; in my building alone, there are two teachers that work at my branch.  Next door, there are two more teachers and two others around the corner.

There are a few things I will miss about Jang-Song-Dong, my laundry room for example. However, I welcome all that E-Dong has to offer including new experiences, friendships, and just a great time in general. Let the good times begin!

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Justin Joseph said...

Interesting...Good read as usual.