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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seoul, South Korea

"I get it now", I said during my first night out for beers at a local bar at Myeongdong Station in Seoul.  As a matter of fact, when as I approached a street lined with two Out Back Steakhouse, one TGIFriday's and (completely new to me) California Pizza Kitchen, "Yep, I get it" were the first words that came to mind.  Although I didn't see everything there is to see in Seoul or do everything there is to do, I (perhaps late) understood why Seoul (although expensive) is such a popular Seoul destination for expats.

With the permission to leave the campus after several hours listening to (very informative) lectures, I often joined in on going for beers at a local bar.  Though it was mostly to hang out and get to know the EPIK teachers that were placed in Jeju, it was really great to be able to hop the subway and end up at a station packed with American stores like H&M or Forever21.  I had spent the past week in Seoul for an EPIK Orientation I missed back in August, with 186 other EPIK teachers.  Although I was thoroughly impressed with the content of the lectures, the lecturers themselves and the food I was more so enjoying the rhythm big city life offers.

I headed out on the town with a few EPIK teachers that are from my city in Jeju.  It was great, I like beer.  Like, I really like beer!  I'm so happy that I can drink beer during my one week transition as a vegan.

The Weekend.
Luckily, I was able to extend my week to include Saturday and Sunday in Seoul.  Friday night, there were a lot of hellish figures roaming the streets at Hapjeong Station; lots of parties and drinking and while Halloween has never been a holiday I'm remotely interested in, it was interesting to observe the under-dressed tricks in the street.  I found myself in Itaewon looking for International food stores...and running into friends never gets old.  I met a lot of interesting people in Seoul and having lunch and/or dinner with friends is always good.  The shopping and bar hopping with other expats, really, really good and the really sweet host at my hostel (who has an intolerance for alcohol, poor guy) made me realize that Seoul has it all.  
Now if I can just meet a man, with a job between 32 and 38, can carry a conversation, has a job and a sweet English accent, I'd be thrilled.  Just thrilled.

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