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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: The Alive Museums

I used to think of museums as boring exhibitions that required way too much analytical thought.  Sure, an appreciation for the arts has taken time as growing up in the inner city, there wasn't much exposure and so an appreciation for and recognition of the aesthetic qualities that go into the arts took time.

Still, if you find art boring, you'll soon change your mind with Korea's sometimes quirky, sometimes bizarre but always fun, museums.

I've been to a few great places on Jeju that include UNESCO World Heritage sites on Jeju.  And seeing absolutely beautiful  places on Jeju IslandI'm very content.  

But there's a whole other side to Korea that is found in the fun-loving museums that are everywhere.  I did a short posts on some of the art from Love Land and another on Hello Kitty Island where I became a fan of the adorable cartoon cat.

Here's a look inside the fun-centered Trick Art Museums and the bigger and better version of it, The Alive Museum in Jeju City.  Curious as to how it's all done, see below for one pic (well two) that gives it all away.

Trick Art Museum

I got this!

Getting There:

1.  By car, it's relatively easy to get there.  From Jeju City, take 97 South and you will see it on the right, just after you pass the 1112.  

2.  By bus, from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take an Intercity Bus bound for Dongbugwangong Road and get off at Seongeup 1(il)-ri (first bus 6:10 / last bus 21:30 / 20 min interval / 1 hour ride). 

3.  By bus, from Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal, take an Intercity Bus that runs on Il-ju Road to the east and get off at Seongeup 1(il)-ri (first bus 6:30 / last bus 20:30 / 20 min interval / 50 min ride).

Cost of Admission:  

Cost of admission was 8,000\.  Foreigners with a Jeju ARC get a 2,000\ discount.  

The Alive Museum

Someone felt naked with out his stripes
Cruising in Venice?
I always wanted a barbie doll ^^
How many?
Mirror images.

 How it's done:  

1.  Find an intriguing exhibition.

2.  Read the directions (yes, there are directions).

3.  Interact with your desired art choice. 

Getting There:

Located in the Jungmun Resort area, it's pretty easy to get there.  From Jeju City, take the 780 bus to Seogwipo.  Get off at the Jungmun Resort entrance.  For more information on getting there from Jeju City or Seogwipo, go here.  

Cost of Admission:

Cost of admission is 9,000\.  Foreigners with a Jeju ARC receive a 1,000\ discount.

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