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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Playing With Mud in South Korea

Of course, if you've taught in the United States and then come to teach in Korea, you'll notice right away that there is humongous difference in the respect teachers get in South Korea, generally speaking.

Really, if you're teaching elementary school kids, you'll know just how adorable they can be.

So, I really like teaching in Korea.  But what's better than teaching these little darlings you ask?? Taking a break from teaching and going on a field trip some where in beautifully scenic, Jeju Island.

On my most recent field trip, I got down and dirty with some clay.  While helping a few students out, the man demonstrating the technique and probably a supervisor or owner in some regard, permitted the teachers to create our own works of art.

The students came up with incredibly creative and fun-loving works of art themselves.

Here, take a look!

Everyone is given one chunk of clay and the same instructions on what to make

20 minutes later, this is what we get~

and this cute thing

this looks like a struggle of some sort

The older students made these

and this too

This wouldn't be Korea without some adorable faces on their works of art

"Which one of these is not like the other, which one of these is not the same?"  Sesame Street

Photo-bombed by a handle?

More of Korea showed up!

At the end, everyone is done and lined up somewhere...

except this one determined student....did he ever finish?  You will never know~

This is what I did... "What is it?" you ask. I didn't know either.

Are you a teacher in the United States?  What's the most fun field trip you've been on?

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