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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Tea at O'Sulloc Museum in South Korea

You are here~
I have long been a fan of the benefits that come with a cup of green tea.  Ever since my grandpa mentioned to my grandma about it being a dieters drink, I'd been drinking a small cup daily with breakfast for several years.  Dr. Oz, a featured doctor on the Oprah Winfrey show who later got his his own syndication has raved about these tea leaves named after my favorite color and the benefits that come from drinking it; benefits that include antioxidants and a means for maintaining and/or losing weight.

I'd seen enough pictures of this museum that my interest had been sparked right from the beginning.  Add to the fact that I've long been a fan of the health benefits of green tea... The stars had aligned, today I'd be heading to O'Sulloc (오설록), known to foreigners as The Green Tea Museum.

Here's the tea...

Tea leaves are picked and packaged at the Green Tea Museum
That has to be the freshest... 
...most noteworthy cup of green tea you will ever have.
I didn't see where they grow the green tea plant, but it had to be on site~
Is it a pony?  A horse? A cow? 
The reason for superior green tea on Jeju Island? Take one guess.
The soil.  
Not a fan of green tea?  Try it in the form of ice cream.  Yumm!
I headed over to Innis Free (a beauty product brand known for using natural ingredients)
Oils, lotions, sunscreen, toner, perfumes...You name it, it's there.
Soap making station
Ever wanted to make your own soap?  For a reasonable price, you and a friend can purchase the soap and get creative with your purchase.  Keep it or give it as a gift.
Assorted oils, not sure if these were for decorative purpose of for purchase.
They had green tea, citrus, and two flowers I don't remember the names of~

For more specific information on how to get to The Green Tea Museum, check out the official Korean tourism website,  

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