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Monday, August 10, 2015

Ten People You Will Likely Meet While Traveling Solo

I like my own company, maybe more than one ought to. :)  Still, I like not having to consult anyone on where to go or what to do.  I like not feeling obligated to go along with everyone else just to be a part of the group.  I think this is the case for most solo travelers; people who want to see the sites and experience the rhythm of life in foreign lands while soaking up the culture and cuisine.  Well, this is the case for me.  I am open-minded about the people I meet when traveling.  I can often gain some insights about interesting things to do and perhaps have some interesting conversation about whats what in the city I happen to be in.  Traveling this way has become a way of life for me.

Here's a round up of the people you'll likely meet when backpacking or just on holiday by yourself in and through Asia.

1.  The Aussie that's been everywhere at least twice.  Americans might be the least likely to get out of the country it seems.  In my humble travels, I rarely meet Americans backpacking anywhere, unless they're on holiday from a teaching job somewhere in Asia.  I do however, meet lots of Europeans, Asians and especially Australians that take travel as a sort of sport or hobby.

2.  The exhibitionist that doesn't have enough clothes on.  I understand the idea of the freedom of getting out somewhere where and not knowing anyone there.  Still, go but some clothes on!

3.  The older divorced woman who's getting her cougar on.  Alimony payments in hand, children grown and on their own, why not?  I met one lady who proudly showed me her conquests on her iPhone 5.  Apparently, her ex-husband re-married a much younger Chinese woman while there on business and she's traveling the world, meeting people everywhere she goes and the younger men are no exceptions.

4.  The young woman who speaks five languages and puts you in the shade every time you meet someone new.  "Can I say something now?" LOL Literally, the one lady I met in Thailand with there earlier this year spoke French, English, Italian, German and one other language.  She invited me on a trekking tour she'd signed up for and she was able to converse in at least three different languages.  Needless, to say, I couldn't get much of a word in.

5.  The annoying people you meet that are curious about your solo travels but also project a sort of pity onto you because they think you're lonely.  It sometimes gets lonely, but not a whole lot.

6.  The older man who thinks he's met a PYT, pretty young thing.  

Him:  You're here by yourself.  Do you have a boyfriend?
Me:  "A boyfriend?, Yes I have a boyfriend."
Him:  Where is he?
Me:  Oh, he's in the U.S. [somewhere].  Yup, I'm taken (smile).
Him:  Do you want to go to such and such beach tomorrow around two.  I have a motorbike.
Me:  Sure.  That sounds okay.  Can I bring a friend?
Him:  Sure.

Did I show up?  Of course not.  He set himself up for that one.

7.  Fellow expats that immediately invite to everything they're doing.  While I like meeting people in my solo travel, I also appreciate my own company.  One or two things with new buddies is enough.  Thank you!

8.  Jehovah's witnesses.  They're everywhere.  Literally.

9.  The guy with way too many expectations for the group activity you signed up for at your guesthouse.

Him:  "Swimming with whale sharks is going to be amazing!!!!!!  I can't wait!!"
Everyone else:  "Just see how it goes, bro."

10.  The hustlers.  They're everywhere.  If you're a foreigner, you'll either end up paying the "white man" price, tourist tax or the foreigner price.  Either way, it's likely to be double the price of locals.  Here are some other common scams to be on the look out for in Asia.  Go here.
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