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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Top 20 Things to Do on Jeju Island

Jeju Island has been my home away from home for the last year or so.  And when the weather warms up around May, I am quite ready to see all that I can see as summer swings in.  Jeju is considered the "Hawaii" of Korea and with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I am continuously amazed by the serene and beautiful sites that make up Jeju Island.  It took some time figure out where everything was, so I thought, I'd put together a list of the top 20 things to do here on Jeju.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Tea at O'Sulloc Museum in South Korea

You are here~
I have long been a fan of the benefits that come with a cup of green tea.  Ever since my grandpa mentioned to my grandma about it being a dieters drink, I'd been drinking a small cup daily with breakfast for several years.  Dr. Oz, a featured doctor on the Oprah Winfrey show who later got his his own syndication has raved about these tea leaves named after my favorite color and the benefits that come from drinking it; benefits that include antioxidants and a means for maintaining and/or losing weight.

I'd seen enough pictures of this museum that my interest had been sparked right from the beginning.  Add to the fact that I've long been a fan of the health benefits of green tea... The stars had aligned, today I'd be heading to O'Sulloc (오설록), known to foreigners as The Green Tea Museum.

Here's the tea...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Playing With Mud in South Korea

Of course, if you've taught in the United States and then come to teach in Korea, you'll notice right away that there is humongous difference in the respect teachers get in South Korea, generally speaking.

Really, if you're teaching elementary school kids, you'll know just how adorable they can be.

So, I really like teaching in Korea.  But what's better than teaching these little darlings you ask?? Taking a break from teaching and going on a field trip some where in beautifully scenic, Jeju Island.

On my most recent field trip, I got down and dirty with some clay.  While helping a few students out, the man demonstrating the technique and probably a supervisor or owner in some regard, permitted the teachers to create our own works of art.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: The Alive Museums

I used to think of museums as boring exhibitions that required way too much analytical thought.  Sure, an appreciation for the arts has taken time as growing up in the inner city, there wasn't much exposure and so an appreciation for and recognition of the aesthetic qualities that go into the arts took time.

Still, if you find art boring, you'll soon change your mind with Korea's sometimes quirky, sometimes bizarre but always fun, museums.

I've been to a few great places on Jeju that include UNESCO World Heritage sites on Jeju.  And seeing absolutely beautiful  places on Jeju IslandI'm very content.  

But there's a whole other side to Korea that is found in the fun-loving museums that are everywhere.  I did a short posts on some of the art from Love Land and another on Hello Kitty Island where I became a fan of the adorable cartoon cat.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: Hallim Park

Hallim Park is a place to spend the whole day, as it has nine attractions and several others within them.  Any person looking for a relaxing walk through a park is in for a treat whether you go it solo, with a date, or with friends.  One thing to note is that one visit might not be enough and with several festivals throughout the year, I plan to visit again and again. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: Hello Kitty Island (How a Hello Kitty Fan was Born)

There I was in/on Hello Kitty Island taking in the life-size dollhouse and as much pink that anyone could stand at one time.  One of the five adults on a tour of the island, we were all pretty much lackadaisical about the first stop at Hello Kitty Island.  

At the urging of our tour guide, we were to head to the third floor where we would see a 3D movie on Hello Kitty and her friends and I think the consensus what that "This is for children".  Still, I was curious about the craze that some of my adult friends have about Hello Kitty.  I knew who Hello Kitty was, duh!, but I never understood what was so great about it.  She's a cartooned cat??-- and that was my entire take on that until today.

Making our way to the 3D movie, I took in quickly how adorable everything was.  I mean talk about cuteness overload!!!   "Okaaay, I get it now!", I thought to myself when I walked into the life-sized doll house and first saw the mirror shaped in Hello Kitty's face and the incredible details that went into all the products that were the Hello Kitty brand.   Room after room after room of so many things with that adorable little face on it.  

By the time the 3D movie on Hello Kitty and her friends was over, a Hello Kitty fan was born.  

Here's a peek into Hello Kitty Island (Hello Kitty Museum) on Jeju Island

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: 6 Best Places to Eat Near City Hall

I love food!!  I realized this when I went vegan for one month during World Vegan's Month last November.  I would find these awesome recipes and make them my own by changing out vegetables or beans or grains to one that suited my appetite and omg!!!  A vegan foodie was born.  However, by mid December, I was back to my regular vegetarian diet.

With Korea being a veggie friendly country, it's easy to think that foods that look vegetarian are, but that's often not the case as most of the sauces used in the cooking process contains anchovy paste.  Fear not!  I've been living on the island for nearly a year already and I've mapped out several food spots that will satisfy whatever craving (within reason) you may have.

Things to Note:

  • With the exception of The Loving Hut, each restaurant offers meat-based meals for the meat lovers.
  • Be sure to see below for hours and a map on how to get there form Jeju-si City Hall (체주시청).  If you are using a mobile phone, you will need to download the Naver Map App. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: 4 Best Beaches on Jeju Island

Hamdoek Beach
When I made the decision to come relocate to Jeju Island as my initial contract teaching in Pohang was coming to a close, I thought, beautiful beaches and remarkable scenery.  I hadn't heard anything negative about the island.  Sure, foreigners here are quite cliquish and it is rather small, but that can be a good thing...maybe.

Unfortunately, six months of teaching here amidst an egregious co-teacher, I was ready to call it quits, back up my bags and perhaps start graduate school at Florida International University.  Luckily, during my vacation in Taipei I found out that my school assignment had changed and I was congratulated on being placed elsewhere.  Happy about my good fortune, I counted my blessings!

Since then, I've adjusted nicely to my new school and finally settling in to life on Jeju Island and back to my initial thoughts on Jeju:  beautiful beaches and wonderful sceneries.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: Aqua Planet

I often find myself bragging to my family about all the amazing things there are to do and see on Jeju Island.Truly, living and teaching in Korea is somewhat of a dream come true and although it took a while to sink in, I'm settled on the idea that Jeju Island is an amazing place to live.  This is especially so with summer in full swing.  While most people are (rightfully) heading to take in the bluest waters at any of the 15 beaches on the coasts of Jeju Island, I took the opportunity to check out Aqua Planet.  Although it's one of the pricier places to see on Jeju Island, it's totally worth the 28,000 won.  As for the additional 1,800 won to see the 3D show, I'd say skip it unless you're with children.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: Love Land

Jeju Love Land, Passion
So I headed back to Love Land for a visit with a friend who is unfortunately (for me) on her way out of Korea.  Being there for the second time didn't take away from any enjoyment whatsoever.  Rather, having someone to laugh along with and shake our heads in bewilderment made the visit more interesting than my initial visit.

The statues are mostly nude, but also done in a very artistic manner and the time put into the aesthetics makes a visit to Love Land a treat.  The themes run from cute, to erotic, to coupledom and bisexuality as well as strangely bizarre.  Still everything fell right into the bigger theme of, you guessed it, sex.

Here a few pictures to this land of erotic art, Love Land.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: Sunrise Peak

View from atop Sunrise Peak, May 2014
Sunrise Peak or Seonsan Ilchubong Peak is located on the north-east coast of Jeju Island.  I've had the opportunity to take the short 20 minute (but steep) hike up to Sunrise Peak on two occasions and both times, it was a great opportunity to take photos of the incredible view of Jeju Island from 182 meters up.  Named one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites, Sunrise Peak is nothing short of amazing.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jeju Island Editions: Ode to Spring

Yay spring!  With winter 2014 tucked away for a solid 9 months what  better way to celebrate the light and life spring brings than a love letter to  my new favorite season, Spring?  Spring officially began on March 20 but, it took a few more days before I could wear a lighter jacket and shed my winter foot gear.