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Friday, September 19, 2014

Life in Korea: Korean Apartment Update

My studio apartment.  
It's been a whole year but I've finally settled in to living on Jeju Island in the upbeat northern side of the island, Jeju-si.  This past summer, I've been out and about  seeing the sights and enjoying the warm weather at the best beaches on Jeju Island.

My first year in Pohang, I absolutely loved my apartment.  It came with a flat screen tv, a laundry room and the tiles behind the sink in the kitchen was my favorite color, green.  My kitchen also came with a pantry and a two burner gas range, something I haven't seen anywhere else.  I could not be happier!   The shower that wet the entire bathroom, that took some getting use to.  And with a fifteen minute walk to work where I could get some exercise in, I could not ask for more.  

Friday, August 31, 2012

Life in Korea: My Korean Apartment

So I have a "new" apartment.  I have to admit, it was NOT LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.  As a matter of fact, I hated it!  After spending the first few hours cleaning/scrubbing my "new" apartment, I even went as far as to query about changing apartments. 
It's possible that I may be overreacting, but, I mean, my Jang-Sang-Dong apartment was pretty much brand new.  It came with a laundry room, brand new bathroom, a flat screen TV. and, a pantry and the kitchen had my favorite color in tiles above the sink.  I even inherited a few things from the previous tenant; a laundry basket, shower shoes, and a microwave. Not to mention, I only had to do light cleaning.